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Worst Age To Start Daycare: Risk Factors Involved

worst age to start daycare

Sending a child to daycare is one of the joys of most parents, but you should keep in mind that there is a worst age to start daycare so you don’t expose your child’s health to risk.


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So before sending your child to daycare, ensure that he or she is ready to start going to daycare, this has a lot of benefit in the life of children. Always remember that that’s a worst age for daycare.

What Is The Worst Age To Start Daycare?

The worst age to start daycare is when the child is not ready to start going to day care, there’s no specific age, and it all depends on each child.

Starting daycare at 3 months may affect the health of the child because the child needs more care from the parents.

5 Risk Factors Of Starting Daycare At The Wrong Time

·         Fear of separation from parents

separation from parents

Starting daycare at 1 year don’t necessary mean that the child is ready for day care, at this age, most children still love to be close to their mother. So if they start day care, they’ll always be afraid.

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·         If the immune system of the child is not matured, this can expose the child’s health to risk

child immune system

Now, think about it this way, there is certain weather which is not good for your body and you try so much to protect yourself, this also applies to children. If their immune system is not matured enough, they’ll always encounter health issues.

·         It can put the child to increased stress

child stress

This is another risk factor of starting a daycare at the wrong age or time. For instance, starting daycare at 2 years can increase stress in the life of a child if the child is not ready to start day care. The child will always have both emotional and physical stress.

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·         Inability to pay attention

worst age to start childcare

Another risk factor of going to day care at the wrong age is inability for the child to pay attention to care givers. Probably, the child still need some time to play with friends at home. This doesn’t matter if they’re starting daycare at 3 years old.

·         Children can have difficulty with feeding

worst age to start day care

Yes, children who are not ready to start childcare may find it very difficult to adjust to the feeding schedule at daycare; they may not be eating at their own normal schedule. This can cause feeding problem in the life of the children.

These are some of the risk factors of attending daycare at the wrong age and time, so always make sure that your children are ready before putting them in childcare.


Is there an age limit for daycare?

Age limit for daycare totally depends on each daycare center; some daycare centers offer childcare services to children of about 5 to 6 years. So to confirm the age limit of your day care, kindly approach them and make inquiries.

Is daycare stressful for babies?

Yes, day care is stressful for babies but they usually adapt to the system with time.

What is the best age to start daycare?

According to best age to start daycare research done by on their article, when should your child start daycare, the best age to start daycare is at least 12 months old. But remember, your child should not start daycare if he or she is not ready. They clearly stated that the 12 months age doesn’t necessarily mean that the child is ready for daycare at that said period.

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Conclusion: Worst Age To Start Daycare

In summary, ensure your children are ready to start child care before sending them to childcare, this will help your kids adapt quickly to the environment.

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