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Why Are Childcare Workers Paid So Little Money?

why are childcare workers paid so little

Why are childcare workers paid so little? Considering how expensive childcare centers are, day care workers should be paid higher, but reverse is the case.


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In today’s post, I’ll tell you why childcare workers salary/wedges are little.

In my previous article, I tackled the question which says, are daycare teachers actual teachers? One of the obvious reasons why people don’t regard them as teachers is because they don’t necessarily need any education qualifications.

That is also one of the reasons why they are paid so little money.

Should Childcare Workers Be Paid More? Why Will Childcare Workers Get Paid More?

should childcare workers be paid more

should childcare workers be paid more

Salaries are paid depending on the qualifications of the employee; the same applies to day care centers.

Health and beauty category

It’s left for the day care center owners to decide how much to pay their workers, to balance it up, they can decide to pay their workers based on each person’s qualifications.

Why do child care workers make so little money? Let’s see why childcare workers are paid so little money.

Reasons Why Childcare Workers Are Paid So Little?

You might be asking, “why are daycare workers paid so little”? Below are reasons why daycare workers are paid so little:

·         Little or no education qualification

Like I said earlier, this is one of the reasons why child care workers make so little money. Considering their level of education, their employers can justify their actions by paying them little amount of money.

·         Workers are more available than available jobs

When the employer finds out that there are more workers who are willing to accept low wages, he will decide to pay little money. This means that there are much people who are willing to do the work for little money.

·         Inexperienced workers

Some people who want to work in a childcare don’t have any experience about the job, the employers can choose employ inexperienced people so they can pay them little money. As you can see, this is one of the main reasons why childcare workers are paid so little.

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·         Child care is seen as work done by women

Jobs that women do are not seen as difficult jobs and that could lead to low wedges/salary. This is unlike the jobs men do which are considered to always be difficult.

Therefore, taking care of kids is not considered as a hard job, rather, simple job.

·         Parents income is considered

In most cases, childcare owners consider parents income, some parents earn low income and cannot afford to pay high amount of money to day care centers. Because of this reason, some day care centers charge little money from parents thereby decreasing the payment of the workers.

There are many other reasons why childcare workers are paid so little but these are the common reasons why they make so little money. I hope this is very clear enough and well understood right?

Why Do Daycares Pay So Low?

  • High expenses on rents

  • They have limited income stream

  • Low workers experience

Where Do Childcare Workers Get Paid The Most/ Which Country Is Best For Childcare Worker?

According to, countries like, Iceland, Latvia including Zealand has the highest quality of childcare, this could mean that they high wages to child workers.

Conclusion: Why Are Daycare Workers Paid So Little?

You’ve seen some of the common reasons why childcare workers are paid so little.

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