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Top 100 Primary Schools in Nigeria: Where Greatness Begins!

top 100 primary schools in Nigeria

Ever wondered which primary schools are leading the way in Nigeria? My list of the “Top 100 Primary Schools in Nigeria” will show you just that! These schools are shaping the futures of our kids and setting them up for success. Why are they the best? What makes them special? Read on and you’ll discover what sets these schools apart in a nation brimming with potential.


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Why These Schools are the Best and what makes them Special

  • They Offer Great Lessons

 These schools teach stuff that’s useful and interesting. Kids learn more than just reading and math; they learn about the world and new ideas.

  • They Have Amazing Teachers

The schools have teachers who really care. They know their stuff and want to help kids understand and enjoy learning.

  • Cool Stuff to Use

These schools have good books, computers, and even science labs. Kids can learn using the best tools.

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  • Fun Activities

Besides studying, there’s time for sports, arts, and other fun things. This helps kids grow in many ways and not get bored.

  • Success Stories

A lot of people who went to these schools did really well later in life. That shows these schools are doing something right!

Without wasting much of your time, let’s see the top 100 best primary schools in Nigeria where today’s Nigerian legends began.

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Top 100 Primary Schools in Nigeria

Best primary schools in Lagos

best primary schools in Lagos

  1. Greensprings Schools Lagos
  2. Grange School
  3. American International School, Lagos
  4. Corona School, Lekki (Primary School)
  5. Newfield School, Magodo, Lagos
  6. T.& T Regency School
  7. Pampers Private School
  8. Lara Day School
  9. Bereton Montessori
  10. Greensprings Elementary School — Best Primary School in Lagos & Nigeria
  11. Mictec International School
  12. 12. Blooming Greens School, Yaba
  13. Crane School
  14. Crescent Nursery & Primary School
  15. Riverside Montessori School, Isheri
  16.  Aquila Nidus Montessori School, Gbagada
  17. Leigh House School (LHS)
  18. ind Builders School
  19. New Hall International School
  20. Ronik International School
  21. Smiley International School
  22. Canterbury International School
  23. Marymount School
  24. Lagos Preparatory School (LPS)
  25. Platform Montessori School
  26. Gleaming Stars School
  27. Geoann Private School
  28. Readington School
  29. Pinefield Schools, Lekki
  30. The Pottersland School
  31. Starling School, Lekki

Best Primary Schools in Abuja

best primary schools in Abuja

  1. Regent School, Abuja
  2. The Centagon International School, Abuja
  3. Pacesetters Schools Abuja
  4. Premier International School
  5. Lintel International School Abuja
  6. Lead British International School
  7. Nigerian Turkish International College (Abuja)

Best Primary Schools in Portharcourt

best primary schools in portharcourt

  1. Greenoak International School, Portharcourt
  2. Bloombreed School, Port Harcourt

Best Primary School in Jos

best primary schools in jos

  1. Hillcrest School, Jos

Best primary schools in Anambra State

best primary schools in Anambra state

  1. Nkwelle Primary School.
  2. Noble Trail Academy.
  3. Adorable British Schools.
  4. Udeozo Primary School.
  5. Living Christ Nursery.
  6. Obi Okosi primary School.
  7. Ameso Nursery & Primary School.
  8. Regina Mundi Primary School.
  9. Modebe Memorial Primary School.
  10. Climax International Schools.
  11. Good Shepherd Primary and Secondary School.
  12. Exalted Crown International School Akaboedoji Uruagu Nnewi
  13. Demonstration Primary School
  14. Mary Knoll International Schools
  15. Community primary school Umuaguosibe Ufuma

Best primary schools in Akwa ibom state

best primary schools in Akwaibom state

  1. Beautiful Gate International Schools, Ikwa Road, Akwa Ibom
  2. Ideal Preparatory School, Eket, Akwa Ibom
  3. Ontario International Academy, Eket, Akwa Ibom
  4. King’s Kids Christian Montessori School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom
  5. Aweforte Manor Preparatory School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom
  6. Monef Schools
  7. Graceland Schools
  8. Kingdom Heritage Schools, Uyo
  9. Dove International Schools
  10. Etiedu Nursery and Primary School
  11. Full Life International School
  12. Qua Oboe Church Group School
  13. Rayfield Private Schools
  14. Aylward Schools
  15. Daylight Schools.

Best primary schools in Imo State

best primary schools in imo state

  1. Dominion Kings’ Field Academy
  2. Crescent Hill Schools
  3. Acorns Stars Schools
  4. Jetcintel Academy
  5. Unique Young Scholars Schools
  6. Royal Comprehensive Nursery, Primary and Secondary School, Obinze (Metro Compound)
  7. Favour Home School
  8. Nice Children Center
  9. Royal Kids Foundation Academy
  10. Rising Stars Academy
  11. Dependable International Schools
  12. Matilda Carol Schools
  13. White Label Schools
  14. Sapphire Truevine International School
  15. Barclay’s Schools
  16. Crescent Hill Schools
  17. I.O.G.T (International Organization of Good Templars)
  18. Oakridge Schools
  19. Divine Favour International School
  20. Excellent Model Schools
  21. Dora Amako Intl’ Nursery / Primary School
  22. Glorious Species Schools
  23. Cornerstone Nursery & Primary School
  24. Pretty Kids Int’ll Schools Emekuku
  25. Acorns Stars Schools
  26. Favour Home School
  27. Nice Children Center
  28. Royal Kids Foundation Academy
  29. Standard Kids Montessori Academy

This is the list of over 100 best primary schools in Nigeria, if you’re still looking for a good primary school for your children, you can consider any one in this list based on your location.


Quality education is very important for your child and parents have to make sure to provide their kids with the best education they deserve. I’ve already given you some of the top primary schools in Nigeria where you can get your kids enrolled.

However, there are still other good schools out there, if you think that I missed any good primary school, you can contact me through the contact page and I can consider adding it to this list.

Again, if you’re a school owner, you can also list your school here with your contact details and school location and direction; contact me via the contact page as well.

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