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How To Stop Teeth Grinding in Children [11 Working Tips In 2023]

how to stop kids from grinding teeth

This article shows you how to stop teeth grinding in children.


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The cause of teeth grinding in children, also known as bruxism, has not been totally made clear, however, it could be related to stress and anxiety, biting abnormally and disorders in sleeping. In today’s article, you’ll see how to stop kids from grinding teeth.

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What Is Teeth Grinding In Children?

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism is a condition whereby a kid gnashes or clenches their teeth. It can happen both in the day time and during the night.

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Symptoms Of Teeth Grinding In Children

  • Pain in the jaw
  • Headaches
  • Teeth damage
  • Earaches

Why Do Kids Grind Their Teeth?

You might be wondering why kids grind their teeth, below are the root causes of grinding teeth:

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·         Abnormal bite

Abnormal bite is one of the root causes of teeth grinding in children. When kids have misaligned teeth, it can make them to grind their teeth.

·         Stress or anxiety

This is another reason why kids grind their teeth, when kids are under stress or experiencing a form of anxiety, they may grind their teeth just to cope with the state of their emotions.

·         Sleep Disorders

Disorder in sleeping such as snoring can actually cause bruxism.

There are other reasons why kids grind their teeth, but above are the most common ones.

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11 Tips On How To Stop Teeth Grinding in Children

how to stop teeth grinding in children

how to stop teeth grinding in children

·         Reduce intake of caffeine

To fix teeth grinding in kids, they need to reduce the intake of caffeine, especially in the afternoon and evening.

·         Ensure to give your kids healthy and balanced diet

When you give your children healthy food and balanced diet, it can help stop them from bruxism.

·         Don’t allow kids to watch TV or play games before bedtime

You should not allow your kids to watch TV or even play games before they go to bed, this can make them to experience bruxism while sleeping.

·         Protect your kid’s teeth with a night guard

This will help prevent teeth damage. If you still remember, teeth damage is one of the symptoms of teeth grinding in children, so, a night guard can help stop bruxism.

·         Tell your kids to stop grinding their teeth

Another way to stop this is to tell your kids not to grind teeth, educate them on the side effects and and also give them reasons why they should stop it.

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·         Assist your child to practice the right positioning of tongue and jaw

When you help your children and assist them to practice the correct tongue and jaw positioning, it can help fix bruxism.

·         Help your children to solve their problem

Sometimes, problems can make children to gnash teeth, stay close to your children and try your best to know when they have problems and help them solve their problems.

·         Avoid hard food or chewy food

You should not give your kids hard or chewy food, especially before bedtime. If you actually want to stop your child from teeth grinding, try to avoid this.

·         Provide quite sleeping environment for your kids

A comfortable and quiet sleeping environment can help stop bruxism, try to provide a cool and comfortable sleeping environment for your children. This is how to stop grinding teeth in sleep naturally.

Is your 3 year old grinding teeth while sleeping? A cool and comfortable environment can help fix it.

·         Don’t allow your child to sleep with a pacifier bottle

This is very important, if they fall asleep with it, it’ll definitely make them to continue grinding teeth while sleeping, so you should avoid this.

·         Seek the advice of an orthodontist

Seeking for the advice of an orthodontist could be a possible solution, locate a good orthodontist and seek for advice.

Is your 4 year old grinding teeth while sleeping? Orthodontist’s advice can help fix the problem.

Is your 6 year old grinding teeth while sleeping? Orthodontist’s advice can also help in fixing the problem.

These are 11 possible ways to stop kids from grinding teeth.

Can Worms Cause Teeth Grinding?

There is no conclusive answer to this particular question, it has been argued, some said that worms don’t cause bruxism while others believe that it can be one of the causes of bruxism. Check out the article on on teeth grinding and worms: might or reality? You’ll see the point of view from Dr. Adriana, a pediatric dentist and oral surgeon.

Conclusion: How To Stop Kids From Grinding Teeth

You’ve seen how to stop a baby from grinding their teeth, follow all these possible measures to ensure your kids are free from bruxism.

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