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Primary Schools In Nigeria: The Truth You Should Know

Primary schools in Nigeria

Primary schools in Nigeria are growing in numbers every single day; this is because education in Nigeria is gaining more value. Parents are trying their best to see that their children go to school to acquire the knowledge they deserve.


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Even if no one tells you, you already know that education is very important for every child; you can’t do without that basic education. Even in the society today, you need to be educated before you can handle any office, this is to tell you that education is the key, hope you get the point now right?

In summary, when children attend any of the primary schools in Nigeria, they get trained and also get them prepared for the future. If in any way they skip primary school, it’ll be difficult for them to catch up later. So this is the reason why elementary school in Nigeria is very important.

What is Primary School Called in Nigeria?

what is primary school called in Nigeria

Another name for primary school in Nigeria is elementary school, so whenever you hear the name elementary school, it’s still the same as primary school.

I hope you now know the elementary school meaning?

How Many Primary Schools are in Nigeria?

how many primary schools are in Nigeria

According to, there were about 117 thousand elementary schools in Nigeria in the school year 1018/2019. In the terms of ownership, 62 thousand were public schools while 55 thousand were private schools. But today, these numbers have greatly increased.

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List of Primary schools in Nigeria

list of primary schools in Nigeria

Few days back, I published an article about the top 100 primary schools in Nigeria, though, I did not include schools from all the states, I only picked some primary schools from few states like Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, etc. Apart from these states, there are still other best primary schools in Nigeria you’ll see in other states. If you read best primary school in Portharcourt, you’ll see the top primary schools in Portharcourt.

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Primary Schools in Nigeria and their Fees

Primary schools in Nigeria and their fees

How much is primary school fees in Nigeria? There good number of elementary schools in Nigeria and their fees are not the same. Some pay higher than others. How much each of them pay determines on different factors like school facilities and others.

For a clear understanding on how much they pay, read this article on primary school fees in Nigeria.

Which State in Nigeria has the most Primary Schools?

elementary school in Nigeria

This is one of the frequently asked questions about elementary schools in Nigeria, I’ve seen this same question been asked in several places, so I decided to give you the best answer.

Fortunately, I already published an article on this topic and I answered the question with statistics, see the state in Nigeria with the most primary schools.


Elementary schools in Nigeria is the actual foundation for education which you should never deprive your children. As parents, you should try as much as possible for your children to acquire the basic knowledge they deserve, this will definitely take them far in life.

Keep in mind that there are list of books for primary schools in Nigeria which you should buy for your children. Sometimes, the school provides them with some of the books but the money is included in their fees.

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