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Home » Primary School Fees in Nigeria 2023: How Much Do Parents Pay?

Primary School Fees in Nigeria 2023: How Much Do Parents Pay?

primary school fees in Nigeria

Primary School Fees in Nigeria has always been a topic of interest for many parents and guardians. As education remains a cornerstone for future success, it’s very important you understand and know how much it actually costs.


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This post will give you the Primary school fees breakdown.

Over the years, there have been fluctuations and variations across different states and institutions. Whether you’re a parent planning for your child’s future or just curious, this article shows you how much you are expected to pay for your children in primary school. Now, let’s get into it and see what Nigerian parents are paying today.

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What is Primary School Fees in Nigeria?

primary school fees in Nigeria

This is the actual money parents pay for their children in order to acquire the knowledge they deserve. So as you can see, school fees are very important because if parents don’t pay for their children, they might be deprived of learning.

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In summary, primary schools in Nigeria are the money that parents pay for their children so that they will have access to learning in their respective schools.

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There are even more reasons why school fee is needed, below are 5 different reasons why it’s very important:

5 Reasons why Parents Need to Pay School Fees for their Children in Primary School

  1. School fees help cover the cost of teachers’ salaries, this ensures that kids are taught by trained professionals.
  2. The money goes towards school materials like books, desks, and chalkboards, so children have the right tools to learn.
  3. Schools use the fees to maintain and clean classrooms, this will help to give kids a safe and clean place to study.
  4. Paying fees supports non-academic activities like sports which helps children grow in different ways.
  5. Fees can also help fund school trips or events, letting children experience new things outside the classroom.

As you can see, school fees can help in different dimensions. Now let’s get into why we’re here, I know this is what you’re waiting to see right?

How much is Primary School Fees in Nigeria?

how much is primary school fees in Nigeria

This depends on location and region where each school is located. Primary schools that are located in popular cities and states usually charge high fees while the ones in non-popular cities charge low fees.

So, it’s important to know that there is no specified amount to be charged, each school charge children based on their school facilities.

However, parents can expect to pay fees up to 70,000 naira and above, some charge up to 165,000 naira while some charge up to 500,000 naira. Like I said earlier, this depends on the location of the school and their facilities.

For instance, Pegasus Schools at charge up to 75,000 just for tuition fee alone, and then including other fees like club fee, sports wears, PTA levy, education insurance, year book, uniform plus other additional charges which is summed to the total of 276,200 naira.


Primary school fees in Nigeria differs depending on each school, the ones located at popular cities are always higher than the ones located in the cities that are not popular. Again, how much each school charges also depends on their facilities.

So, before you put your children in primary school, always plan ahead so that you can be able to meet up the school’s demands.

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Question 1: Is primary school education free in Nigeria?

Answer: Primary school education is not free; you will have to pay a certain fee specified by the particular school before you’re admitted in the school.

Question 2: What are the highest primary school fees in Nigeria?

Answer: Some charge as high as 1 million naira and above.

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