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Potty Training Activities for Toddlers

potty training activities for toddlers

There are some activities toddlers can do while potty training which can make the whole process more fun and effective. In this article, you’ll see 17 potty training activities for toddlers to help make the process effective.


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What are Potty Training Activities?

potty training activities

potty training activities

These are activities that can be performed by toddlers during potty training process; these activities can actually help to make the whole potty training process more fun and effective.

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When toddlers engage in the activities, they tend to concentrate more, so, you can use them to get their attention during the whole process.

5 Reasons Why Potty Training Activities for Toddlers are Important

importance of potty training activities

  1. They make toddlers feel proud and big, in their mind, they’ll think that they’re achieving something cool.
  2. These activities help kids feel less scared about using the big toilet.
  3. When kids see their progress through activities, it gives them courage and also makes them eager to keep trying.
  4. They create memorable moments for toddlers
  5. Through these activities, they can express their feelings or fears which gives the parents insights on how best to help them.

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17 Potty Training Activities for Toddlers

  1. Reading potty-themed books.
  2. Using a potty training chart with stickers.
  3. Dress-up play for practicing pulling pants up and down.
  4. Listening to potty-themed songs.
  5. Watching potty training videos.
  6. Practicing hand washing after each potty attempt.
  7. Letting them flush the toilet.
  8. Having a potty dance or song.
  9. Setting up a reward system.
  10. Making a wall calendar to mark the success of potty.
  11. Practicing deep breaths before sitting on the potty.
  12. Lighting up a fun bathroom nightlight for nighttime visits.
  13. Placing a step stool for independence.
  14. Letting toddlers choose their own toilet paper.
  15. Watching soap bubbles go down when flushing.
  16. Practicing sitting on the potty with clothes on.
  17. Letting them pour water into the potty from a small cup.

These are some activities that can be performed during potty training process to help it become more fun and effective.


For you to make the whole potty process more fun and effective, consider engaging your kids in some activities. I’ve already listed some of the activities toddlers can engage in during the process. I’ve also shown you some of the reasons why it’s important for them to engage in some activities while potty training.

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Question: How do I entertain my toddler while potty training?

Answer: Let them engage in some activities reading potty-themed books, having potty dance or song, etc.

Question: Are potty training activities essential for every toddler?

Answer: No, but they can make the process more engaging and easier for many toddlers.

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