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Palate Expander Risks: 9 Dangers of Palate Expander Kids

palate expander risks

It’s important to know that there are palate expander risks, while it’s a dental appliance which is used to correct some orthodontic issues, there are also dangers of palate expander.


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In this article, you’ll see some palatal expander side effects on kids.

One of the palate expander long term side effects is difficulty in eating or chewing, as I proceed, you’ll see other side effects of dental expander for child.

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Palatal expanders may not cause damage to your child but it can cause some discomfort in the mouth, let’s quickly talk about the side effects of palate expanders.

9 Orthodontic Expander Problems

palate expander long term side effects

Orthodontic expander problems

·         Difficulty in speaking

Palate expander for kids can cause difficulty in eating, especially during the initial adjustment.

·         Pain in the jaw

This is another side effect of dental expanders for kids, when it’s inserted and turned on, the child will experience some pains in the mouth or jaw.

·         Difficulty in eating

Yes, this is one of the common side effects of palate expanders; it can cause the child to have difficulty eating food.

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·         Palate expander headaches

This is another common side effect, a child can experience headache at the initial time of adjusting the palate expander.

·         The child may have difficulty swallowing food

Like I said earlier, when a child uses palatal expander, it can make him not to eat well and also not to swallow comfortably.

·         Loose teeth

As you know, pressure is being applied to the palate expander and this can make the teeth to become loose.

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·         Abnormal sleep

Palate expander can cause difficulty in sleeping; abnormal sleeping is one of the palate expander risks.

·         Tooth decay

Dental expanders can make it difficult to clean the teeth and this can increase the risk of tooth decay.

·         Food particles get stuck in the palate expander

Food particles can get stuck in the palate expander and it can lead to bad breath and also increases the risk of tooth decay.

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FAQs on Palate Expander Risks

Can a palate expander cause damage?

Palate expander may not cause damage to your kids but it will certainly cause discomfort in the mouth.

Is there an alternative to a palate expander?

Yes, in some cases, there might be alternative treatments to a palatal expander; below are some alternatives to consider:

  • Braces: Braces are orthodontic treatment which is used to correct misaligned teeth plus other dental issues. So braces are a good alternative to palate expander.
  • Clear aligners: A good example is Invisalign which can be used to straighten teeth and also correct small bite issues.
  • Extraction of tooth: This may be required in some cases to create more space in the mouth and reduce crowding. It can be a good alternative to dental expander in certain cases.
  • Surgery: Surgery may be necessary in some severe cases to correct misalignment of the jaw and other orthodontic issues.

Bottom line: It’s recommended you consult with a qualified orthodontist so as to know the appropriate treatment for your kids. To find the list of dentists, you can check online by searching for “list of qualified orthodontists in USA”.

Tip: Include the name of your country to find the list of qualified orthodontists in your country. For example, people from Australia can search for “list of qualified orthodontists in Australia”.

Conclusion on Dangers of Palate Expander

You have seen some dangers of palate expander, so it’s important you have in mind that there might be some “palate expander long term side effects”. For a recap, below are the side effects of orthodontic palatal expanders:

9 Palate Expander Risks

  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Difficulty in eating
  • Headache
  • Difficulty in swallowing food
  • Loose teeth
  • Abnormal sleep
  • Tooth decay
  • Food particles get stuck in the palate expander

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