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Is It Right To Leave Kids In Daycare? Best Answer

is it right to leave kids in daycare

Is it right to leave kids in daycare? Do you agree putting your kids in daycare? Should I put my child in daycare?


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These are some of the common questions asked by parents especially when they notice that their children are growing up to school age.

At that time, parents will be considering if it’s good to put their kids in daycare.

To answer this question, it’s good to leave kids in daycare except you have personal reasons not to put your child in daycare.

Some Reasons Not To Put Your Child in Daycare

reasons not to put your child in daycare

reasons not to put your child in daycare

Apart from your personal reasons not to put your child in daycare, below are some why most people don’t like putting their kids in day care:

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·         You Want Your Kids to Be Around You

Most parents always want to see their kids around them, because of that; they may not want to leave their kids in daycare. Some parents feel very comfortable when they see their kids playing around them, when their kids are not around them, they’ll feel that the kids are not safe.

·         You Want Stay at Home Child Development for Your Children

Some parents want stay at home child development for their children, because of that, they might not want to put their kids in a daycare for child development. They can choose to employ stay at home teacher to teach their kids at home. Always consider daycare vs stay at home child development to know which one that’s best for your child.

·         Late Picking Up Child from Daycare

This is another reason why some parents do not like putting their children in daycare, because of their daily business and activities; they’ll always be late to pick up their kids.

Apart from some of these reasons, there are benefits of leaving your kids in daycare. I’ll outline some of the reasons why it’s right to leave kids in daycare.

Should I Put My Child in Daycare: Benefits of Putting Your Child in Daycare

benefits of childcare

Benefits of childcare

Below are some of the benefits of leaving a child in daycare:

·         Creative Ideas

Daycare centers teach kids creative ideas like arts and crafts. Apart from that, they also teach kids some basic responsibilities which you may not have time to teach your child as a stay at home mom.

·         Communication with Other Children

In most cases, kids need to communicate with others for them to be happy; going to a daycare will help them to achieve that by communicating with fellow kids.

·         Prepare Their Mind for School

Daycare is a basic education for kids which help them prepare their mind for school. If a child attend a daycare, it’ll be easier for the child to learn faster when he or she start schooling.

So, these are some of the benefits of leaving your child in daycare.

Should I Feel Guilty For Putting My Child In Daycare?

You should not feel guilty for putting your child in daycare; it’s a place where they learn basic education which will help to train their memory.

Conclusion: Is It Right to Leave Kids in Daycare

Leaving kids in daycare is not a bad idea; rather, it helps in child development. Like I said earlier, daycare is a basic education which you can give to a child.

If you’re still asking this question ‘is it right to leave kids in daycare”, kindly know that leaving a child in a daycare is a good idea.

According to Mel Kartmazov on Quora answer, she said that a pediatrician told her to put her child in a daycare because it helps to develop the areas that are tougher for autistic kids, especially on the social front.

Final note: As parents, you have the total decision to make whether to leave your child in daycare or not.

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