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How to Sleep with a Palate Expander for Kids 2023

how to sleep with a palate expander

At the initial stage, sleeping with a palate expander can be challenging because it may cause discomfort or affect your normal sleep routine. In this article, I’m going to share with you proven tips on how to sleep with a palate expander.


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Apart from tips on sleeping with palatal expander, there are also tips on how to eat with a palate expander, but I’m not going to talk about that now because I already explained it in the article above, read the article and see the full details.

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One of the ways to sleep with a palate expander is by avoiding heavy meals before going to bed, as I proceed, you’ll see other ways to sleep with a palatal expander.

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How to Sleep with a Palate Expander for Kids

·         Elevate your head with extra pillow

sleep with expander

This is a good practice if you want to sleep comfortably with a palatal expander, use an extra pillow to elevate your head slightly to prevent discomfort and help you sleep comfortably.

·         Experiment different sleeping positions

Adjust your sleeping positions; try experimenting different sleeping positions to know which one is more comfortable for you while sleeping with a palate expander. Try side sleeping or sleeping on your back with a pillow to support your head, it might be helpful.

·         Stick to one bedtime routine

You can establish a bedtime routine which will help give your body a signal that it’s time to sleep. There are different activities you can engage in such as reading, taking a warm bath or practicing meditation.

·         Avoid eating heavy meals before going to bed

If you really want to sleep comfortably with a palate expander, you need to avoid taking heavy meals before bedtime; this can make you feel uncomfortable. Again, try as much as possible to have your dinner few hours before you go to sleep. Check out the list of soft foods to eat with a palate expander.

·         Good oral hygiene helps

You should practice good oral hygiene, try as much as possible to clean your palate expander and also brush your teeth with Interdental Angle Brush before going to bed, it promotes good sleep and prevents discomfort.

·         Always stay hydrated

sleeping with expander

Drinking enough water during the day can help you sleep well with a palate expander; this prevents dryness in your mouth or throat while sleeping.

·         Make use of a mouthguard

If there is any case of irritation, you can ask your orthodontist about using a mouthguard to create a barrier between the palatal expander and your mouth.

·         Sleep in a cool and well-ventilated room

If you sleep in a cool and well-ventilated room, it will certainly help you to sleep very comfortably. You can use a fan to help your sleep.

·         Buy a comfortable mattress and pillow

A comfortable mattress and pillow can promote healthy sleeping, so consider purchasing a comfortable mattress and pillow.

·         Consider taking natural remedies

Natural remedies are awesome for healthy sleeping; most people actually take then so as to sleep comfortably. These can be herbal teas, essential oils, etc.

Conclusion: How to Sleep with a Palate Expander

Palatal expander can cause discomfort in sleeping, above are some proven tips which you can use to sleep with removable palate expander. I hope this article helps you find a solution to your problem.

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