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How Long Do Babies Wear Helmets?

how long do babies wear helmets

How long babies wear helmets totally depends on the reason for wearing it. If you want to protect your baby from sustaining injuries when they’re playing or learning how to crawl, they can wear it throughout the day and you can remove it whenever they’re ready to eat or sleep.


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If they’re wearing it because the baby has a flat head [plagiocephaly], the duration can differ based on several factors.

In this article, you’ll see the best answer to the question, “how long do babies wear helmets”.

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You already know why babies need helmets, for protection from harmful objects and for the treatment of medical conditions such as flat head.

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Before we proceed, let’s see the causes of abnormal head shape in babies.

Causes of Abnormal Head Shape in Babies

  • Positional Plagiocephaly

This is when the baby has a flat head on one side due to lying too much in the same position.

  • Neck Muscle Tightness

One side of the baby’s neck is tight which makes the head slant on one side. If this happens, it can change its shape.

  • Brachycephaly

This is when the baby’s head is flat at the back because they constantly lie on their back.

  • Birth Process

In some cases, the baby’s head can change shape due to how they come out during birth.

  • Low Fluid in Womb

This can also happen there is not enough fluid in the womb before the baby is born.

  • When the Babies are Twins

When there is more than one baby in the womb, they can push against each other which will eventually affect the shapes of their head.

  • If the Baby is Born too Early

Some babies born before their due date can have softer heads and this can easily change the shape.

According to, they said and I quote, “for about 20% of babies, a positional skull deformity occurs when they are in the womb or in the birth canal.”

Factors Determining the Length of Helmet Usage

how long do babies wear helmets for flat head

  • Severity of the head shape abnormality.
  • How old the baby is when he starts wearing the helmet.
  • How often the baby wears the helmet.
  • How fast the head of the baby grows.
  • The kind of helmet that is used.
  • Other health issues the baby might have.
  • How well the family follows instructions on wearing helmets.
  • Initial response to helmet therapy.

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Conclusion: How long do Babies Wear Helmets?

In summary, how long babies wear helmets totally depends on the reason for wearing it, whether for protection against harmful objects or due to some medical conditions. However, the duration varies depending on some common factors which I’ve already talked about.

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Question: How long do babies wear helmets for flat head?

Answer: They can wear helmets 23 hours daily for a better result.

Question: Do babies have to wear helmets all day?

Answer: It depends on what you want to achieve and also how fast your toddler is responding to treatment in case of a medical condition.

Question: Is 7 months too late for baby helmet?

Answer: It may not be too old but keep in mind that as the baby grows older, their skull will also get harder which can slow down the effectiveness of helmet therapy. Most helmet therapies are typically recommended between the ages of 4 to 12 months, at this age, the baby’s skull is soft and can easily respond to reshaping. However, if you’re considering helmet therapy for 17 months old baby, you can consult a pediatrician for proper guidance.

Question: Can babies sleep with helmets?

Answer: Yes, babies can sleep with helmets.

Question: What happens if I don’t get a helmet for my baby?

Answer: If you don’t get a helmet for your baby, their flat head might not correct by itself.

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