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Is Helicopter Parenting The Only Way To Keep Kids Safe On The Internet?

is helicopter parenting the only way to keep kids safe on the internet

What can parents do to keep their child safe online? Is helicopter parenting the only way to keep kids safe on the internet?


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Kids safety should be taken very seriously, both offline and online. The internet is full of risk in such a way that you can release your personal data to unknown people.

This is the reason parents should always ensure their children are safe on the internet.

If you’re following my articles, you must have seen my previous post about some good ways to keep children safe in and around cars. So always ensure to take the safety of your children seriously.

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Is Helicopter Parenting The Only Way To Keep Kids Safe On The Internet?

This is probably not the only way to protect your kids on the internet; there are some other ways to ensure the safety of kids online. Some of them are closely related while some are totally different from it.

Before I proceed, let’s know what helicopter parenting really is.

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What Is Helicopter Parenting?

Helicopter parenting

Helicopter parenting

Helicopter parenting is a parenting style where the parents are focused on their kids in an excessive degree. Here the parents will always want to keep track of all their children’s movement.

This is just the simple explanation of helicopter parenting and I know that you clearly understood what the term is right? Now, let’s proceed.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s see other ways to keep children safe online.

How Do You Keep Kids Safe On The Internet?

·         You Can Use Parental Control Software To Limit Your Kids From Accessing Inappropriate Articles

When it comes to kids safety on the internet, parental control software can help you ensure the safety of your children.

You can search for any good control software and use it to limit your children from assessing insecure contents online.

·         Consider Keeping The Computer Where You Can Easily Monitor The Activity Of Your Kids

This is very important, if you keep the computer close to you, it’ll help you monitor the activity of your children.

·         Let Your Children Know The Risk Of Giving Out Their Personal Information Online

Like I said earlier, there is lot of insecurity on the internet, because of this, you should teach your kids to be conscious while giving out their personal information on the internet.

·         Consider Using KidRex And Kiddle To Limit Bad Contents

KidRex  and Kiddle are search engines that is user friendly with kids. To ensure the safety of your kids online, consider using these two kids visual search engines.

·         Teach Your Children How To Create Strong Password On The Internet

Strong passwords are very necessary online, this is what you can actually teach your child, also tell them the importance of changing their passwords regularly.

·         Tell Your Children Ton Ask You Questions If They Discover Anything That Makes Them Uncomfortable

This is another safety measure you can take to ensure the safety of your child online, encourage them to ask you questions if they encounter any uncomfortable situation.

·         Teach Your Kids To Respect Those They See On The Internet

If you come to social media today, like Facebook and WhatsApp, you’ll see people talking without showing any respect even the people they’re talking to are older than them. Once you exhibit some level of respect, people will feel comfortable when communicating with you.

·         As parents, posses Good Online Behavior

Your children can have you as a role model if you have good behavior on the internet. So if you really want the safety of your child, lead them by showing good example through your own activities.


Are Helicopter parenting hurting or helping their children?

There are Helicopter parenting pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros.

Helicopter Parenting Pros

  • The people who have helicopter parenting rarely get into trouble
  • Parents are happy to train their children the way they desired
  • It ensures total safety of kids

Helicopter Parenting Cons

  • It can cause unnecessary anxiety in the life of kids
  • This can also cause low esteem
  • The children can’t do anything on their own without the help of anyone

Is there parental control on the internet?

Yes, there is parental control on the internet

Should parents control what their children do on the internet?

Yes, as parents, you should control what your children do on the internet. Like we said earlier, you can use parental control software to control the online activities of your children.

What age should children be exposed to the internet?

Parents should restrict their children access to the internet until 13 years.

helicopter parenting pros and cons

Conclusion: Is Helicopter Parenting The Only Way To Keep Kids Safe On The Internet?

I’ve showed you some good ways to ensure the safety of your kids online, follow the recommendations to keep your children safe online.

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