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How To Get Kid Used To Palate Expander 2023

how to get a kid used to palate expander

Palatal expanders help children to correct different dental issues. In today’s article, you’ll see how to get a kid used to palate expander in 2023.


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There are various ways on how to get kid used to palate expander; one of them is to explain to the child the purpose of wearing it. Before I continue; I’ll like to explain what a palate expander is. I’ll also show you before and after palate expander photo so that you’ll perfectly understand.

Again, you’ll also see tips for turning an expander, so ensure to read every part of this article.

What Is Palate Expander?

This is a dental appliance which can be used to widen children’s upper jaw, adults can also use it. Like I said earlier, it can be used to correct different dental/orthodontic issues.

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How Do Palate Expanders Work?

Now, how does palate expanders work? It works by applying pressure gently on the upper jaw and it’ll widen it gradually as time goes on.

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It can be fixed and also be removable. The fixed one is applied to the back teeth and the patient won’t be able to remove it by himself.

The expander retainer can be removed at any time when you want to clean your teeth or eat meal.

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How Long Does It Take A Child To Get Used To Palate Expander?

It can take about one week or two weeks for a child to get used to using palate expander and this can also vary from child to child.

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How To Get A Kid Used To Palate Expander 2023

·         Explain to the child the purpose of wearing it

This can be the first step to take; children will feel very comfortable when you explain to them the actual reason for wearing the expander. And also, the explanation will help them understand that it’s not something that’ll harm them.

·         Teach your child how to use it

Start by demonstrating how to wear and also remove the expander, this will help the child feel confident and also feel more in control.

·         Buy them gifts

You can actually get your kid used to palate expander by buying gifts for the kid; you only need to tell him that you’ll be buying gifts for him as long as he keeps wearing the parental expander regularly.

·         Praise them him to keep him motivated

Praising and motivating a child can make him do whatever you tell him to do, so you can use this to get him used to palate expanders.

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·         Find something to cause distraction to the child

Do you know the reason why you should make the child to get distracted? It’s simple; the child will easily be carried away and will totally forget the discomfort caused by the palate expander.

Before And After Palate Expander kids Photo

before and after palate expander

before and after palate expander

Tips For Turning An Expander [How to Turn Expander in Mouth]

This is how to turn palate expander for child:

  • As parents, you can help your child to turn the palate expander key, that’ll be easier for the child
  • If the kid wants to do it himself, he should stand in front of a mirror with one hand shining light into his mouth and the other hand will be used to turn the key
  • Enter the key into the hole which is found at the front of the expander
  • Push the key towards the back of your mouth until you see a new hole
  • Now, pull the key out in a straight position so that it don’t reverse the turn
  • Follow orthodontic palate expander key instruction: This means that you should follow the instruction given by your orthodontist.

How To Sleep With A Palate Expander

  • Put few pillows together to elevate the head while sleeping, by doing this, it can help in reducing any swelling in the mouth and also make it easier to breathe.
  • Take light food before going to bed: If you take any hard food before going to bed, it can cause discomfort while sleeping.
  • Teach your child some relaxation techniques: This can help your child easily fall asleep and help in reduction of anxiety or any discomfort caused by the expander.
  • Pain relievers can help sleep: Consider giving your kid a pain reliever to help reduce pains caused by the palatal expander.
  • Always stay hydrated
  • Wearing a mouth guard: This is for a child that grinds his teeth while sleeping, the mouth guard can help reduce any discomfort which is caused by the expander.

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How to Eat with an Expander

Below is a simple guide on how to eat with a palate expander:

  • Cut food into small, manageable pieces to prevent applying excessive pressure on the expander.
  • Go for soft foods such as soups, yogurts, and mashed potatoes to minimize discomfort.
  • Avoid sticky or chewy foods like caramel or gum, these foods can get caught in the expander.
  • Try using the side of your mouth or your molars to chew, keeping direct pressure away from the expander.
  • Once you’ve finished eating, rinse your mouth with water to remove any food particles that’s stuck in the expander.

FAQs: Dental Expander for Child

Can food stuck in palate expander?

Yes, food can stuck in a palate expander, it can be removed when cleaning your teeth with Interdental Angle Brush.

What is the best age for palate expander?

Between 5-16 years, at this age, a few adult teeth in the upper jaw have not appeared.

How can I get my child to eat with an expander?

There might be trouble eating with an expander, here is how to swallow with an expander:

  • Slice his food into small pieces for easy swallowing
  • Give him soft foods
  • You should not give him sticky food or the ones that can be chewed

Does a palate expander hurt?

A child will experience some slight pains and discomfort once the key is used to widen the expander but the pains should release after 2-3 days.

How long do expanders hurt?

A child might experience discomfort and slight pain 2-3 days after wearing it.

Does palate expander help breathing?

Yes, the jaw is not the only thing that gets widened, as your palate widens, the two halves get separated which allows you to breathe from your nose.

Why palate expander key won’t turn?

This is because the previous turn has not turned completely, ensure that the previous turn is completed before trying a new turn.

Is it safe to wear braces and expander at the same time?

Yes, it’s safe to wear both at the same time as long as you’re following your orthodontist’s instruction.

How to buy Palatal expander?

You can start by searching for “rapid palatal expander near me” or “rapid palate expander near me”; you can still find it on Amazon and other online stores.

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Conclusion: How To Get A Kid Used To Palate Expander

You’ve seen how you can get your child to get familiar with wearing palatal expander, teach your child the steps and watch him get familiar with it.

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