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Do You Need A Degree To Open A Daycare 2023?

do you need a degree to open a daycare

Do you need a degree to open a daycare? What certifications do I need to open a daycare?


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The requirements to open a daycare depends on each country, however, a degree in early childhood education is not required though it can help you gain some useful skills for managing a daycare center.

In some states, a high diploma is required before opening a daycare center.

Two of the most required certifications you need to open a daycare are Childcare license and business license, as I proceed, you’ll see other certifications needed to start a daycare.

This article is specifically for you if you’re preparing to open a daycare, this opening a daycare checklist will give you some insights on the certifications you need to open a daycare center.

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What Certifications Do I Need To Open A Daycare In 2023?

what certifications do I need to open a daycare

what certifications do I need to open a daycare

·         Childcare License

This is one of the most important legal document you need to start a childcare, in some states, this might not be required especially if you want to open a daycare at home.

Always check the requirements to open a daycare and certifications in your state before starting your childcare.

·         Business License

Obtaining a business license is very important to run your business in the United States, you can get a business license from your local government so as to enable you open your daycare center without any issue.

·         Certification For First Aid and CPR

Injuries and accidents can occur at any time, so you need to know how to handle this at initial stage before taking any advanced step. So first aid is very important and getting First aid certification is necessary for opening your daycare center.

·         Food Safety Certificate

This is necessary if your daycare will provide meals and snacks to kids, so you need to consider food safety certification before starting your childcare.

·         Degree In Early Childhood Education

For you to operate a successful daycare, you need some early childhood education; this will help you with the skills and knowledge to run your business. Though, this is not required in some states but very necessary.

·         Inspection Report For Fire Safety

Safety of children is very important and to ensure children’s safety, fire safety inspection should be carried out before starting your daycare center.

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·         Inspection Report For Health

No parents joke with their children’s health, for that reason, you should allow the State Department of Health conduct a health inspection at your proposed daycare area before opening it.

These are the most important certifications you need to open a daycare.


Can I open a daycare without a degree?

Yes, you can open a daycare without a degree; some states allow you to operate a daycare without a degree. To balance it, you may need to employ some workers who have obtained some degree.

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What Degree Do You Need To Open A Daycare Center?

Some states require that you have a diploma before opening a childcare while others require some early childhood education.

Conclusion: Degree And Certifications To Open A Day Care

Below is the recap on the certifications you need to operate a daycare center:

7 Certifications You Need To Open A Daycare Center

  • License for childcare
  • License for business
  • CPR and first aid certification
  • Certification for food safety
  • Early childhood education degree
  • Inspection report for fire safety
  • Inspection report for health

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