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How to Decorate a Daycare Classroom 2023 [FULL TUTORIAL]

how to decorate a daycare classroom

How do I make my classroom look nice? A well decorated daycare classroom promotes quality learning; it helps the children to have full concentration while learning. In this article, you’ll see how to decorate a daycare classroom, step by step.


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There are many benefits of stimulating environment for children and that’s the reason why you should decorate your daycare classroom in a way that’s attracting. Below are some of the benefits of stimulating environment for children:

10 Benefits of Stimulating Environment for Children

  • Helps kids think and learn better.
  • Makes it easier for kids to make friends and be social.
  • Allows kids to make use of their imagination and become more creative.
  • Makes kids feel good about themselves and more confident.
  • Helps kids deal with changes and challenges.
  • Helps kids solve problems and figure things out.
  • Keeps children healthy and feeling well.
  • Encourages children to explore and try new things.
  • Makes learning fun and enjoyable for kids.
  • Helps children grow up happy and smart.

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Understanding the Needs of the age group

This is very important, to decorate a daycare classroom, you need to understand the needs of the age group of kids, this will help you know the exact structure of your classroom. So identify the specific needs and interests to make it easier.

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How to Decorate a Daycare Classroom

decorate a daycare classroom

1.      Ensure childproof environment

The security of kids should your utmost priority; you need to ensure that your classroom and the whole environment are secured. By doing this, you keep children protected.

Daycare Security System

  • Install Cameras in your daycare classroom

Installing cameras throughout the daycare facility helps keep a watchful eye and record any incidents, ensuring the safety and security of everyone.

  • Entry Points Should Be Secured

Strengthening doors, windows, and locks at entry points adds an extra layer of security, and this prevents unauthorized entry and ensures the safety of children and staff.

  • Alarm Systems

This is very important for the safety of the children and caregiver, Install alarms that sound loudly during emergencies or unauthorized access. Alarm systems help to know that there is something wrong so as to take immediate action to protect the daycare.

  • Visitor Management

You can decide the people that can enter your daycare classroom; this will ensure the safety of children

  • Staff Training and Background Screening

If staff is trained and also conduct a background check on them, it’ll certainly help you to create a secure environment in childcare.

2.      Choose a good color scheme

The color of your classroom plays a vital role in the lives of the kids; they love appealing and attractive colors. If you choose a good color scheme for your daycare classroom, it’ll help children to be more engaged.

3.      Mark out spaces for various activities such as reading, art, and play

You need to mark out spaces for different activities where kids can read or have fun. Once you make this available, it helps to keep the children more engaged.

4.      Organize materials and supplies for easy access

There are different materials which are required for teaching children in daycare, you need to organize them and have them in one place for easy access. Below are some of the materials and supplies needed:

  • Crayons
  • Construction paper
  • Playdough
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Finger paints
  • Puzzles
  • Building blocks
  • Storybooks
  • Educational toys
  • Watercolor paints
  • Markers
  • Chalk
  • Stickers
  • Drawing pads
  • Modeling clay
  • Craft materials (e.g., pipe cleaners, feathers)
  • Dress-up costumes

5.      Decorate your daycare wall with educational posters and charts

To make your daycare classroom attractive, you should decorate the wall with educational posters and charts. This also helps in teaching the children because they serve as illustrational materials.

6.      Display children’s artwork and projects

Now, you should children’s artwork and projects in your daycare classroom. These artworks and projects also help in their learning especially when you’re teaching them with illustrations.

7.      Choose child-sized furniture for comfort and safety

You need to choose furniture that is suitable for kids to ensure their comfort and safety as well. This will help them to be more comfortable while learning.

8.      Arrange your daycare furniture to promote interaction and movement

For you to ensure swift movement around your daycare classroom, you will have to arrange your furniture in a proper way.

9.      Provide big storage for toys, books, and supplies

You need to provide a big place where toys, books and supplies will be stored.

10. Provide Sufficient Lighting

Lighting is very important for daycare; ensure to provide enough lighting for your classroom. Check out some daycare lighting requirements below:

Daycare Lighting Requirements

  • Ensure that the daycare has lots of windows and natural light so it feels bright and welcoming.
  • Provide enough artificial lights in the daycare to make sure it’s bright and people can see well.
  • Put the lights in good spots so that the whole daycare is lit up evenly and there aren’t any dark areas.
  • The lights have to be adjustable, so you can make them to become brighter or dimmer depending on what the kids are doing.
  • Use lights that are safe for kids and won’t break easily or have any dangerous parts.
  • Try using soft and warm lights to make the daycare feel comfortable and calm, especially when it’s time to rest.
  • You need to make sure there are special lights in areas where kids do specific things, like reading or art, so they can see well.
  • Plan for emergency situations, you can have lights that work even when the power goes out, so everyone can still see and remain safe.
  • If there are outdoor areas for playing, make sure there are lights present in that area, this will ensure safety even when outside is not very bright.
  • Use special controls for the lights, such as switches that can make them brighter or dimmer, doing this will help to save energy and make the classroom better.

Conclusion: How to Decorate a Daycare Classroom

A well decorated daycare classroom promotes quality learning; it helps kids to have full concentration while learning. In this article, you’ve seen how to decorate a daycare classroom, step by step.

Again, you’ve also seen some of the benefits of stimulating environment for children and which is the reason why you should decorate your daycare classroom in a way that looks attractive.

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FAQs on How to Decorate a Daycare Classroom

  • FAQ: What are good colors to make the daycare classroom look nice for kids?

Answer: Choose bright and cheerful colors like sky blue, sunny yellow, gentle green and warm orange to create a joyful atmosphere.

  • FAQ: How can I make the walls interesting in the daycare classroom?

Answer: You can decorate the walls with children’s artwork, educational posters, and pictures of animals or nature to make the room visually appealing.

  • FAQ: What can I do to keep the daycare classroom organized and tidy?

Answer: Use colorful storage bins and shelves to keep toys, books, and art supplies in their designated places, making it easier for children to find and put away items.

  • FAQ: How can I create a fun and educational area for learning in the daycare classroom?

Answer: Set up a comfortable corner with comfortable cushions and shelves filled with age-appropriate books, puzzles, and educational toys to encourage children’s curiosity and love for learning.

  • FAQ: What safety precautions should I consider while decorating the daycare classroom?

Answer: Make sure to secure heavy furniture to the walls, avoid using small decorative items that can be choking hazards, and use non-toxic and child-safe materials throughout the classroom.

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