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Are Daycare Workers Teachers? 2023 Best Answer

are daycare teachers actual teachers

Are daycare workers teachers? Yes, daycare teachers are actual teachers, as we proceed, I’ll tell you the reason why they’re real teachers.


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Most people are say that daycare workers are not teachers, I completely disagree with that.

This is one of the complex questions people ask, before I continue; let’s first see who a teacher is.

Who Is A Teacher?

According to, a teacher is person who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession or instructor.

As you have seen, the work of a teacher is to teach or instruct, whether you’re in K-12 school or childcare center, you’re doing the same work of teaching.

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Why Childcare Workers Are Teachers

why daycare teachers are actual teachers

why daycare teachers are actual teachers

  • The work of a childcare worker is to take care of kids
  • Teach them morals
  • Impact knowledge in them
  • Teach them skills and how to do things by themselves like putting on shoes and washing their hands
  • Most importantly, giving them basic education

These works are typical work for teachers which make them actual teachers.

However, there are arguments by people about this topic; most people are saying that childcare teachers are not actual teachers.

Below are some reasons why most people do not regard day care teachers as actual teachers:

Reasons Why Child Care Teachers Are Not Regarded As Teachers

·         Little or no formal education

Most day care workers have little or no formal education; they might have experience in child development which actually let them work as a care giver.

·         They are paid less than K-12 teachers

Unlike K-12 teacher’s salary, daycare teachers are paid less.

·         Child care teachers work shorter hours

Day care teachers work shorter hours which makes people think that their work is not that much in demand.

·         They focus more on caring than educating the children

This is their primary role, to take care of kids while parents are at work.

·         Teaching methods are different

Teaching method used by child care teachers are totally different by the method used by K-12 teachers.

So, above are some of the reasons why most people don’t regard child care workers as actual teachers.

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Conclusion: Are Childcare Teachers Actual Teachers?

Yes, they are actually teachers because they also do the work of teaching just that they might not really need any education degree before they can get employed unlike K-12 teachers..

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