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Home » Child not Gaining Weight but Growing in Height: What to Do

Child not Gaining Weight but Growing in Height: What to Do

Child not Gaining Weight but Growing in Height

Is your child not gaining weight but growing in height? In this article, you’ll find the possible solutions that can help your child to gain weight.


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I know how it feels when you try all your best to make your child start gaining weight but to no avail, I’ve also seen some parents who are in the same shoe.

But, it’s not something you have to worry about; your child is already growing in height, you just have to follow some strategies that work to ensure that they start gaining weight.

I’ve already written an article on that, you can read, how to make a child to gain weight fast, the article exposes some strategies you can apply and see your child gain weight as fast as possible.

Alternatively, you can check out the list of 30 high fat foods for toddlers to gain weight.

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What is a Normal growth pattern in Children?

Normal growth pattern in children involves:

  • Rapid growth during the first two years of life
  • Adding in weight
  • Steady and slower growth from 2 years to puberty
  • A growth burst during puberty
  • The growth in height will stop during late teenage years, however, muscle and other development may continue.

Note: Growth pattern in children can also vary depending on genetics, nutrition and health factors.

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Why it’s Important to Monitor both Weight and Height

Child not Gaining Weight but Growing in Height

  • Monitoring both weight and height of a child helps to determine if the child is growing normal.
  • When they’re monitored early, you can easily notice when something is wrong, this can help you know how to make it better.
  • Checking both height and weight helps parents make better choice about food and play.
  • It helps to discover what can come next, this can help parents plan for the future.

Factors Affecting Weight Gain

There are some factors which can affect weight gain in children, I’ve already discussed some factors contributing to low weight in children, go and read and find out.

Conclusion: Child not Gaining Weight but Growing in Height [What you can Do]

To ensure that your child is gaining weight while growing in height, all you need is to know how to make a child gain weight, follow the simple strategies and you’ll definitely start seeing some changes.

According to on how can you help your baby gain weight? They also recommend that you consult a pediatrician if your baby have difficulty swallowing, vomits between feeds or have a food allergy.

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