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Home » Best Way to Label Bottles for Daycare – (4 Actionable Ways 2023)

Best Way to Label Bottles for Daycare – (4 Actionable Ways 2023)

best way to label bottles for daycare

Labeling bottles for daycare is very necessary for easier identification, in this post; I’ll show you the best way to label bottles for daycare.


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The main reason for labeling bottles for daycare is that it helps the care givers identify each child’s name, give the right milk to each child and also follow any instructions given by the parents.

So read the entire article and see how to label bottles for daycare in 2023.

Should You Label Breast Milk Bottles?

Yes, labeling bottles for daycare is highly important, this helps the care givers easily identify the breast milk for each child and give them accordingly. This will definitely promote the safety of babies.

Before I show you the best way to label baby bottles for daycare, let’s see some other advantages daycare bottle labels.

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Advantages Of Labeling Bottles For Daycare

advantages of labeling bottles for daycare

advantages of labeling bottles for daycare

  • It helps to prevent the spread of germs: In a day care, the breast milk bottles can easily be identified without mixing it with another child’s breast milk, by doing this; it’ll certainly prevent the spread of germs between the children.
  • Labeling bottles save time: This will help to save time for day care providers and parents. Daycare providers will spend less time to figure out the bottle for each child, in the same way, the parents will not have to write their children’s name on the bottles all the time.
  • Labeling bottles enhance hygiene: This cannot be stressed further, hygiene is very vital to the health of babies, so when their bottles are labeled, it helps to promote children’s hygiene.
  • It helps parents to save money: Now, look at it this way, if a child’s bottle is misplaced, the parents will have to spend money to replace the bottle, but labeling the bottle will make it last longer and prevent parents from spending money all the time.

So, above are some advantages of labeling bottles for daycare. Now, that, you’ve seen some of the benefits, let’s see how to label baby bottles for daycare.

Wait, one more thing is remaining, there are important things you need in a bottle label, below are some of the important things you really need in a bottle label:

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Important Things You Need In Bottle Labels for Daycare

·         You need your label to be unique

Make your label to stand out from others, you can use choose a color totally different from others. The main goal here is to use the one that’s very attractive and can easily be singled out as yours.

·         Consider the durability of your label

The durability matters a lot, you need to make a decision on how your children will use the bottle. Think about if you want to pass the bottle to another child, if you want to sell it or simply start afresh with next baby.

This will help you make a better decision, for instance, below are recommendations on what you can do:

If you plan to pass down or sell the baby bottle, then, you can consider using removable bottle labels.

If you plan to start afresh with the next baby, you can consider using waterproof baby labels.

·         Consider the size of the label

You want a medium size label that’ll boldly show your child’s name and other information.

What Can Be Used To Label Bottles For Daycare

Below are some of the items that can be used to label baby bottles:

  • Masking Tape
  • Waterproof labels for baby bottles
  • Reusable labels
  • Personalized Paper labels

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How To Label Bottles For Daycare: The Best Way To Label Bottles For Daycare

how to label baby bottles for daycare

How to label with masking tape

  • Buy attractive masking tape , what I mean is the one with attractive color
  • Ensure the surface of the bottle where you want to place the label is neat and does not have any moisture
  • Tear a sizeable piece of the masking tape, the one that’ll be able to contain the name of the baby and date
  • Paste the masking tape on the bottle and then give it a pressure to help it stick well on the bottle
  • Get a black marker and use it to write the information required, that’s the name of the baby, date, etc.

Best way to label bottles for daycare with waterproof labels

  • Select a desired design
  • Paste two labels on both sides of the bottle, that’s the front side and back side
  • Write the date with a piece of paper
  • Place it on the bottle where it can be seen with ease.

How to label daycare bottles with reusable labels

  • Select a label that is unique and can be singled out easily as your baby’s own
  • Place the label on the bottle, before that, ensure that the surface is dry
  • If there is any wrinkles, ensure to make them to become smooth
  • Pick a pen that can easily be erased, write the information that is required on the label.

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How to label baby bottles with personalized paper label

  • Meet a printer in your area
  • Give him the information you want to be written on the bottle
  • Give him the size of the bottle so that he’ll determine the best size that’ll be good on the baby bottle
  • He’ll print the labels and give them to you
  • Then paste the label on the bottle, you can always replace the labels because the printers always print in large quantity.

FAQs: Labeling Bottles for Daycare

What tape is best for labeling bottles?

Most people prefer blue painter’s tape while others prefer masking tape, so you need to make your choice.

What kind of paper do you use to print bottle labels?

Hi-tech, hybrid and synthetic papers can be used to print bottle labels. These are water resistance or even waterproof.

Which Is The Best Bottle Labels for Daycare?

There’s a saying that says; “one man’s food is another man’s poison”, so people have different choices. Some people prefer masking tape labels while others prefer personalized and waterproof labels.

Conclusion On Best Way To Label Bottles For Daycare

I’ve showed you the best way to label baby bottles for daycare, follow the guidelines and have it done.

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