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Best Age To Start Daycare 2023

best age to start daycare


What age is best to start daycare? In this post, you’ll see the best age to start daycare.


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Just like there is a worst age to start daycare, there is also good age to start daycare.

As parents, you should always ensure that your kids are ready to start day care before you think of sending them to a daycare. So if you can tell when they are ready to begin, you’ll now know when to start looking for daycare.

In summary, according to best age to start daycare research which I conducted, most parents send their children to daycare, between 6 months to 12 months. But this don’t necessary mean that your child is ready for daycare at this daycare age groups.

Best Age For Child To Start Daycare

best age for daycare

It’s important to know that best age for daycare depends on each child; some children tend to develop faster than others.

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Sending baby to daycare at 3 months can be stressful to the baby, so don’t stress your baby that early unless you’re held up with work schedule.

To find out the best age for your children to go to daycare, you should monitor how they behave whenever you take them far from home, how they react can actually tell you if they’re ready or not.

If they feel comfortable staying out from home without crying, that can be a good sign that they’re ready to start day care.

In other hand, if your children don’t feel comfortable or don’t feel like staying away from home, you shouldn’t send them to daycare.

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Is 6 Months Too Early For Daycare?

Like I’ve said earlier, most parents send their babies to childcare when they’re between 6 months to 12 months; 6 months can be a perfect age for your child to start daycare if you find out that he feels comfortable staying out from home. His first day in daycare will also tell if he can stay comfortably without the fear of missing his parents.

Is Starting Daycare At 18 Months Good?

It could be perfect for your child depending on the development he has gained, in fact, this is a good age to start daycare because, at this age, the child should be learning faster than 6 months old baby.

Is Starting Daycare At 2 Years Old Good?

This is equally good because the child will now know how to do things by himself and can also feel comfortable when he’s away from parents.

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Conclusion: Best Age To Start Daycare

There is no specific best age for babies to start daycare; it all depends on each child’s development. What you should do is to monitor your kids and by doing that, you can tell when they’re ready to start childcare and when they’re not ready.

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