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How to Become a Potty Training Consultant 2023

how to become a potty training consultant

Potty training is a profitable business you can start, as a parent or caregiver who loves kids and associates with them; you can learn how to become a potty training consultant and build a career through it.


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Most parents who find it difficult to teach their kids how to use potty are always in search for consultant/coach who will handle the process for them or give them professional advice on how to potty train their kids.

Once you’ve become a potty training coach, you can stand in the gap, offer your service to them and earn money for yourself while doing potty training services for toddlers.

In this article, you’ll see how to become a certified potty coach, it’s important you pay very good attention to this article because it’ll help you build a career.

What is Potty Training?

This is the process of teaching a child to use the toilet for urination and bowel movements instead of using diapers or other forms of waste containment.

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Average Potty Training Consultant Salary

The average training consultant salary for potty training is between $20 and $50 per hour; some charge higher amount per hour, so this totally depends on the level of your expertise.

How to become a Potty Training Consultant 2023

  • Make a business plan

Business plan is very important for every business, before you can become a potty training coach/consultant, you need to figure out how to run your business effectively. This will help you develop a long-term idea on how to run and manage your business effectively.

  • Make friend with kids

Kids value people who love and care for them, you need to start making friends with children to make your career easier.

  • Enroll in the best potty training  consultant certification program

This is very important if you really want to acquire the best knowledge on this field, for you to become successful as a potty coach, I highly encourage you to enroll in the best certification program.

The Best Potty Training Course You Need To Become a Certified Potty Coach

best potty training course

best potty training course

Now, to become certified in this field, you need the best training that’ll give you all potty training support and help you become a certified consultant.

The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification is all you need. [The Intuitive Toilet Learning Method]

This is a comprehensive 4-weeks training that shows you all you need to become a certified potty coach.

The training contains 6 comprehensive self-paced video modules and also combined with LIVE Q+A, Coaching Calls, and access to their thriving Facebook community. Again, you will receive next-level support and resources to quickly become a Gentle Potty Training expert.

Why Gentle Potty Coaching Is Different

·         It provides Science-Backed Strategy

The comprehensive training provides science-backed information to prevent common potty training missteps that are usually overlooked… and potentially harmful!

·         It offers Inclusive Training

Their world-renowned faculty offers expert solutions for a diverse audience.

Topics like sensory processing differences, gender inclusivity, and physiological differences are covered.

  • Offers Real-time Mentorship and Support

You also get real-time support throughout the whole training.

How Much Does The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification Costs?

Gentle Potty Coaching Certification costs $1,995; you can as well pay in installment with the first payment of $999.

Here is The Link to Get Access to Gentle Potty Coaching Certification.

Conclusion: How to Become a Potty Training Consultant

Gentle Potty Coaching Certification is not one of those programs that teaches you potty training in 3 days, it’s a 4-weeks training and also provides 6 comprehensive videos, live support, Q&A and access to their Facebook community. With this, you can become a certified potty coach.

Once you learn how to do potty training, you’ll unlock a new career for yourself.

I hope this article helps you become a certified potty coach, kindly share with others for them to benefit from this as well.

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