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What Age Is Too Late For Palate Expander?

what age is too late for palate expander

What age is too late for palate expander? Is there any palate expander age limit?


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In my previous article, I explained how to get kid used to palate expander, if you’ve not read the article, it’s important you read it.

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You already know what a palate expander is, it’s a dental appliance that is used to widen the upper jaw in children and adults and also used to correct other orthodontic issues.

What Age Is Too Late For Palate Expander?

The recommended age range for palate expansion is between the age of 7 and 15 years old. The reason is because, at this age range, the bones of the upper jaw are still developing.

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Palate Expander Age Limit

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Adults can still undergo palate expansion if the need arises. In general, there is no ideal palate expander age limit since children and adults can undergo palate expansion.

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Can You Get a Palate Expander at Any Age?

Palate expanders are mostly used in children; however, adults can as well use it.

What Age Do Palate Expanders Stop Working?

Once growth is complete, palate expanders will stop working, in case of any orthodontic issues in adults, they may need to do a jaw surgery.

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Palatal expander is a dental appliance which is used to widen the upper jaw in children and adults; it can also be used to correct other orthodontic issues. The best age for palate expander is between the age range of 7 and 15; however, ages beyond 15 can also use palate expander if the need arises.

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