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8 Proven ways to make your Child Smarter

8 proven ways to make your child smarter

It’s very important to develop your child’s intelligence, making your child smarter will definitely benefit you, the child and the entire society. Without wasting much time, I’m going to share with you, the 8 proven ways to make your child smarter.


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Now, let’s see how to make a child smart

8 Proven ways to make your Child Smarter

1.      Encourage children to learn and play musical instruments

Encouraging children to learn and play musical instruments is a very sure way to make your child smart. Music is one thing that can help your children develop inspirational thinking which eventually makes them smarter.

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5 Importance of Exposing Children to Diverse Genres of Music

  1. Listening to different kinds of music helps kids to understand and feel closer to people from all over the world.
  2. When they hear various tunes, it helps to sharpen the brain of the kids and also help them listen better.
  3. Different songs let kids feel all kinds of emotions which helps them understand their own feelings.
  4. Cool beats and melodies inspire kid’s imagination and help them come up with fun and new ideas.
  5. Exposing children to different genres of music type early makes kids to fall in love with songs and tones, and they’ll enjoy them forever.

2.      Encouraging reading habits to make your child smarter

Encouraging your children to develop reading habits will definitely help them become smarter. Reading is helps to sharpen the brain and also helps to acquire more knowledge.

5 Roles of Reading in Intellectual Growth

  1. Reading helps to exercise the brain to make it stronger and helps to understand things better.
  2. When we read stories, we walk in other people’s shoes which makes us to have more understanding and open-hearted.
  3. Reading also helps us learn new words and ways to say things which helps us to express our selves better.
  4. Books make us think deeper about situations and characters, sharpening our ability to question and understand.
  5. Reading helps to imagine things in higher dimensions.

How to Encourage Reading Habits and Make your Child Smarter

proven ways to make your child smarter

  1. Creating a reading-friendly environment at home
  2. Encouraging regular visits to libraries and bookstores
  3. Providing resources for artistic expression (drawing, painting, writing)

3.      Promoting critical thinking skills and encouraging problem-solving activities

Promoting critical thinking skills and encouraging problem-solving activities is also a good way to make a child smart.

4.      Encouraging Outdoor Play and Organized Sports

Outdoor play and organized sports also help to make children smarter. Try organizing some good sports and make them engage in the sports, it helps. clearly stated that when you enroll them in a sport, they can can pick up new words and vocabulary 20% faster after exercise.

5.      Incorporating Physical Exercise into Daily Routines

Physical exercise is very important for your child; it helps to keep their body strong and also help to keep them healthy and smart.

6.      Encouraging Educational Content and Interactive Games

Educational content and interactive games is another good way which you can use to make your kid smarter, so try to encourage them to engage in some educational content and interactive games.

7.      Incorporating Educational Toys, Games and Puzzles

Educational toys, games and puzzles also help to make your children smarter; try to incorporate educational toys, games and puzzles.

8.      Give Your Children a Balanced Diet

A balanced has been proven to contribute to child’s smartness, this is one thing you don’t want to deny your child if you really want them to become smart. To emphasize more on this, below is the role of nutrition in brain development.

The Role of Nutrition in Brain Development

  1. Eating the right fats, like the one in fish, helps our brain cells communicate to each other which make our thinking clear and sharp.
  2. Some nutrients like iron and zinc help our brains grow strong and work their best.
  3. The presence of proteins in our food helps create chemicals that make us feel happy, focused and also have more energy.
  4. The presence of vitamins in our foods, like fruits, protects the brain from injury, keeping it fresh and young.
  5. Drinking enough water and having the right balance in our diet ensures that our brain signals is smooth which helps us to think and react faster.

Conclusion: 8 Proven Ways to Make Your Child Smarter

Recap of the eight proven ways to make your child smarter:

  1. Encourage children to learn and play musical instruments
  2. Encourage reading habits
  3. Promoting critical thinking skills and encouraging the skills to solve problems
  4. Encouraging outdoor play and well organized sports
  5. Incorporating physical exercise into daily routines
  6. Encouraging educational content and interactive games
  7. Incorporating educational toys, games and puzzles
  8. Give your children a balanced diet

I highly encourage all parents to implement these strategies to ensure that your children are smart.

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