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10 Year Old Not Potty Trained: [Causes and Solutions]

10 year old not potty trained

Is your 10 year old not potty trained? There are possible causes and solutions to this particular problem.


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Pay close attention to this article because I’ll share with you some of the causes why your 10 year old is not potty trained and how you can actually solve it.

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Kindly know that one of the main things that causes a 10 year old not potty trained is that the hormonal imbalance is actually affecting the bladder control.

While making some research on the internet, I found out that some children are not already potty trained, especially 10 years old.

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Parents of these children are no longer happy about this and for this reason, they yell at their children, and not just that, the parents have already given up on these children.

You’re reading this article right now because you want to find out what actually causes the problem and also find out the possible solution to the problem.

I’m going to start with the things that might cause 10 year old not potty trained.

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Your 10 Year old not Potty Trained: 4 Possible Causes

1.      The bladder control is affected by hormonal imbalance

This is one of the main causes, when the bladder control is affected by hormonal imbalance, it can lead to no potty training.

2.      The parents did not give much attention to the child

Here is another thing that can probably make a child not to be potty trained. Due to the nature of their job, they did not have enough time to stay with their child and teach them how to do bowel movement. If this is the case, then, it’s actually the cause of the parents.

3.      Children are afraid to talk to parents

Most parents are harsh and are not friendly with their children and because of that, the children might develop the fear of talking to the parents. This singular act can make your child not to be potty trained. Reason is because they will be afraid to talk to parents if they want to have bowel movement.

4.      Your child does not interact with other children

This is another factor that can make your 10 year old not potty trained, if children do not interact with other children, they will not learn faster. Now, see it this way, if your children goes out to interact with other children, they will start feeling ashamed of their selves. When they see that their mates are well potty trained, from there, your child will start learning. So because your child does not go out to play with other children, he’ll not learn potty and will be comfortable with it.

These are some of the possible causes of your 10 year old not potty trained. Now, let’s see the possible solutions.

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10 Year old not Potty Trained: 7 Possible Solutions

1.      Talk to a pediatrician

In case of a medical challenge, you just have to talk to a pediatrician or a healthcare professional to know the right treatment for your child. This can be the first step you can take to ensure that your child’s health is in a good condition.

2.      Give more attention to your child

potty training for 10 year old

No matter the nature of your job, you need to give your child 100% attention, it’ll help you understand your child very well and know when he wants to have a bowel movement, and then you show him the best way to do that. By doing that, he’ll learn faster.

3.      Be friendly with your children

When you are friendly with your children, they’ll have full confidence whenever they want to talk to you about potty.

4.      Encourage your children to associate with other children

associate with other children

Your children need to start associating with others, encourage them to go out and play with their mates, by doing this they’ll definitely learn new things which include how to use potty.

5.      Always remind them of their age

Most kids still believe that they’ll remain kids forever; it’s your duty as parents to keep reminding them of their age so that they’ll know that they are already 1o years old and no longer that kids they used to be.

6.      Regularly remind them of going to potty

Sometimes, you might need to regularly tell them to go to potty; this may help them to get potty trained faster. Even if they’re not giving signs of using potty, tell them to do that.

7.      Engage the service of a certified potty training consultant


If you explore the other options and still notice no improvement, do not panic. I recommend you engage the service of a certified potty training coach to help you potty train your child. Alternatively, you can learn the skill and do the work yourself.

For help, see how to become a potty training consultant.

These tips can be a solution to your child’s problem, kindly utilize all of these tips and see how it can help your child learn faster.

Conclusion: 10 Year old not Potty Trained

I have shared some of the factors that can make your child not to be potty trained and also some actionable steps you can take to provide solution to your child’s problem.

I hope this post helped you find the solution you’re looking for. Kindly like and share this article on social media, by doing this, you’re helping others get solution as well.

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